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How to choose Pallet Net or Stretch Film manufacturer of pallet wrap net

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How to choose Pallet Net or Stretch Film?
-manufacturer of pallet wrap net

In the packaging supplies world, stretch film and pallet net are two of the most common packaged products when it comes to use. Although they are used for the same purpose, the difference between the two is actually huge.

So what are the differences between them? let’s break down the difference between Pallet Net and Stretch Film once for all.

1.     Material

Stretch Film

Pallet Wrap Net


LDPE(low-density polyethylene)

HDPE(high density polyethylene)

Feature of material

low tensile strength

poor toughness

low elongation at break

high tensile strength

good toughness

high elongation at break

2.     Character

Stretch Film

Pallet Wrap Net


stable the stuffs on pallets

stable the stuffs on pallets


good wrapping performance

able to wrap irregularly shaped or incomplete loads


a certain stretch rate

a certain stretch rate (stretch pallet net)


less breathable

100% breathable


lower price

a little bit higher price than stretch film


wrap different goods when transportation or storage

(time limited when wrap fresh products)

can wrap all the goods which be wrapped by stretch film

(Excellent for Fresh food transportation)

For 1st example, you use less price to buy stretch film. 

You need to guaranteed the fresh products be delivered in a short and limited time. You might get complains from customers for problems of fresh while the stuffs is rotting and moldy in your storage warehouse because of the water vapor inside the film.

Then, it might costs extra money to solve the troubles.

For 2nd example, you use a little bit higher price than stretch film.

You have enough time to deliver and no complain from customers about problems of fresh. Also, you have longer time to stock the vegetables or fresh stuffs in cold closet.

And,there has no additional worries.

So, which one to choose when harvest time is coming? Pallet Wrap Net or Stretch Film?

Welcome to consult more professional details.

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